Analogue To Digital Music Expo

Analogue to Digital is a music technology/industry based event in Exeter Phoenix, an arts and media venue in the city centre.

The Sound-Gallery guys have pulled together a great list of companies for this year’s show. Notables include Reactable (see video below) and Avid, who will be showing the new Protools 9.


There’s also a ton of prizes going (apparently around £6000 worth now), live demos, masterclasses, workshops and live performances.

There’s going to be a an amazing panel of industry professionals.

John Leckie - Legendary producer who’s produced records by Radiohead, Muse, The Stone Roses, Rodrigo y Gabriela and others. This guys worked at Abbey Road!

Howard Jones - Platinum selling singer-songwriter Howard Jones is one of the artists on the panel. Though he’s rocking slightly less epic hair, Howard is rocking a brand new album, Ordinary Hero’s, which I’m sure he’ll talk about. With Howard’s career spanning around four decades, he’s going to add an interesting angle.

Howard is also on the board of directors for the Featured Artists Coalition which fights for musicians rights in the UK.

Paul Gray - One of the artists who will be giving their input during the Expo. Gray was the original bassist for rockers “Eddie and the Hot Rods” and has also been a part of “The Damned” and “UFO” as well as being a session player for a bunch of other artists. He’s also Regional Officer for the British Musicians Union in Wales and Southwest of England.

Roger Quested -What panel would be complete without some input from a hardware expert. Roger Quested is certainly one of those. According to, Roger began his career at Olympic Studios, London. He later took over the management of DJM studios in the early eighties and began designing studio monitors, which led to the start of Quested Monitoring Systems. He’s worked with some huge artists (Pink Floyd and Led Zeplin to name a couple).  

Ted Fletcher - Another gear guy who’s particularly exciting for me. Ted originally worked with Joe Meek and launched the Joe Meek brand (I tested the compressor on the Joe Meek TwinQ extensively as a part of my dissertation). Ted has designed and built gear for a host of artists and mix engineers and he was apparently crucially involved in the design of the first mobile phone hands-free kits.

Lee Fletcher: Multi-talent Lee Fletcher is a producer, composer, arranger, musician, engineer, mastering engineer and film maker. You definitely need to check out his discography on his Wikipedia page to start to appreciate the input Lee will have on the panel.

You can get tickets here. I’ll be working it so I’ll see you there.